I Am A Winner

It was Monday night.  I had just wrapped up work, and I was jumping on Ramit Sethi’s live webcast Do This, Not That: How to Launch a Profitable Online Business.  I had to restart my browser to correct an issue with the chat and not a moment too soon…  There, on screen, was my name as the winner of the “Ultimate 20-for-30 Entrepreneur Jumpstart” contest.  I couldn’t believe it.  You know how you enter a contest thinking, “Oh, there is no way that will happen”?  But, it did!  Ramit even pronounced my name correctly.  It was awesome.  It is the biggest prize I have won to date!

The next day, members of Ramit’s staff reached out to me to get things setup and rolling.

My First Call

Ramit and his team hooked me up with the Zero to Launch Accelerator coach, Primoz Bozic, for a 30-minute kickoff call. Primoz and I developed a call strategy and determined how I could ask the best questions of each expert.

We spoke about three basic things:

  1.  Who should I call first, second, last?  Since I am just starting out and at the Idea stage of my business we determined that I should separate the experts out into groups to use at certain times in my business development, e.g., copywriter when working on copy, growth expert when scaling up the business, etc.
  2. What is a strategy I can use to continue to have a feeling of momentum and still get the most out of the experts time?  One call with an expert per month seemed to be the right balance.  That would have me preparing the right questions for an upcoming call while leaving time in my schedule to nail implementation of the previous call.  This would also provide enough of a push to help me to keep my procrastination at bay.
  3. How can I bring value to the experts?  There was no hesitation whatsoever when Primoz answered this – “Implement their advice. Nobody does it.” Ok, but how will that benefit them?  Focus on benefiting the expert/mentor.  Give value.  For example, write a blog post or do a video review of implementing advice, and follow up with them to let them know how implementation went.  Ask them, “what would be the best way for me to contact you to let you know my results?”  They want to know!  Many a great mentoring relationship, with benefits for both parties, have started out in just this way.

The Blog Is Born

The last thing Primoz suggested during our call was that I start blogging about my experience with starting a business, so with a tip of my hat to him, and in an effort to implement his advice, here it is.

I think winning the 20 for 30 Jumpstart contest was just what I needed to push me to join Ramit’s Zero To Launch course at the end of his webcast mentioned earlier.  The whole goal of that course is to take the student, yours truly, from no idea to having a successful online business, and now I had an open door to get some great advice on starting and growing my business from experts that have done this before; experts, with whom I normally would not have had opportunity to speak.

This blog is a natural outgrowth for a place to post about my implementation of my experts’ advice, as well as, hold me accountable to the wider world on my follow through.

As I mentioned in my post for the Zero To Launch new students introduction, “With uncertainty at my day job, recently having a partner squash a budding entrepreneurial venture for other priorities in his life, and a baby on the way, the best time was NOW.”

Won’t you join me for the journey? We will learn a lot together.  Email me and/or follow me on twitter (@OurBusinessExp) to be notified about my next expert conversation.

What would you ask in a one-on-one conversation with your favorite best of the best entrepreneur?